India Politics: Singhvi, an intellectual minnow

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Times of India has published an article by Congress spokesperson Singhvi...

Only UPA can control Terror

First, I have to say that it is intellectual minnows that use the exclusive "ONLY us" when framing a debate..enough said about Singhvi...but what does the Congress led UPA have to say in this article:

The NDA's interactions with Pakistan were marked by zig-zags and threatening postures without extracting any concession
Congress should remember that BJP's on-going focus on Pakistan's involvement in terrorism had the US administration ready to brand Pakistan as a Rogue State in 2001.  Furthermore, the BJP changed the relationship with US from adverserial to friendly by turning its back on 50 years of Congress miss-rule and vowing to be on the right side of history. ..however, 9/11 happened and there were new realities since Afghanistan became a bigger priority.
The bus yatra was followed by Kargil and the failed Agra talks were followed by the Parliament attack. Apart from grandstanding on POTA, no concrete actions were taken nor any results achieved.
Intellectual minnows usually confuse correlation with causation...
By contrast, the Congress extracted an unprecedented admission from Pakistan about fomenting terrorism on its soil. Two seminal acts of Parliament creating a federal anti-terror agency and amending substantive law have been passed in record time.
Advani talked about the former from 2001 but could not even introduce a Bill
Strange; after thumbing their noses at this Congress-led UPA administration Pakistan was forced to prostrate itself by the United take credit is politics not competence.  Furthermore, to take credit for enacting a federal anti-terror agency is stretching belief; Advani created this agency but it was opposed tooth and nail by the Congress and its allies...even after four years in power they did not move on this..but the Mumbai terror attacks forced two actions:
  1. Congress-led UPA was forced to reverse four years of opposition and pass a stronger anti-terror law..remember their first action on ganing power was to repeal the anti-terror law enacted by the BJP
  2. Table the BJP's federal investigative agency, focused on terrorism..of course, this could only be enacted with BJP support...Had the Congress and its allies supported the BJP's action six years ago, the agency would have been active and may have prevented many terrorists attacks in the last five years.
The UPA's philosophy....a humane and inclusive approach to governance which does not divide society or communities to reap cheap political benefits.
Sounds good...I would support such a philosophy...except the intellectual minnow's conclusion is:
The BJP approach, on the contrary, may well lead to the creation of Frankensteinian monsters impossible to control.
I am supposed to take this Congress spokesman seriously...this gentleman is a celebrated lawyer...such an argument would force the judge to throw him out of the court room.
The Congress-led UPA has no accomplishments to speak of after five years in power: the economy, security, future are all in disarray because of this, fear mongering is their new election plank.  How sad.

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