India Markets: Exit, Let's watch the sideways action

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I have taken profit on my calls...left sell orders on breach of 2800 Nifty and was exercised on the 2800 and 3000 will recall these positions were put on last Monday at Nifty 2550.  Something to smile about.

At the same time, I have added to the March and April 2500 put position and bought some 2600 April puts...the puts were unbelievably cheap, you would think we were in the middle of a bull market...

While I expect market action to be sideways for a brief time, the next downleg is now almost visible...Watch Out Below.

The Best Line to describe Wall Street:

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bools said...

Hi Lee, I am a regular reader of ur blogspot.... do you advice me to still buy april 2600 and 2500(at 45 premium) puts .... u can reply me at

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