India: Let's make cars, at $25/hour?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Why don't we make more cars? The chart at left shows why US auto companies are in trouble; COST & Entitlement mentality; the average US autoworker costs $71 per hour. That is Rs 3,500 per hour.

Assuming an 37.5 hour work week and 52 weeks of work in a year gives an average annual cost of Rs 48.75 lakhs. Almost Rs 50 lakhs per annum on average...WTF.

(click on image for sharper picture)

The average Japanese autoworker is costing $49/hour...Rs 2,500/hour or Rs 35 lakhs per year.

I wonder what the average Tata Motors and Maruti factory worker costs.  Somehow, I doubt the average cost is even Rs 10 lakhs per must be our lack of graduates in technical disciplines.

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lvs said...

I think we are taking this cost thing too far. Its time we moved away from cost plays. Just look at our scientists, we brag about the Chandrayaan but look at what we paid the guys who put it in space:

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