ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank: A Contrast

Friday, December 19, 2008

ICICI Bank says:

The agenda is consolidation. I think fast growth is not the right approach at this point.
As a banker, I would say that anything that happens to the economy impacts all banks.  In the current scenario, one should never make a forward-looking statement.
The new CEO of ICICI Bk does not want to talk about the future...so what do you want to talk about Ms Kochar?  Banking is about Information and  Risk...the use of and the management of respectively...both are forward looking.  The new CEO sounds like a sell - Lee
HDFC Bank says:
HDFC Bank today has the largest branch network (1,400) among all private sector banks in the country.
At a time when most banks are scaling back growth to ensure that loan books look healthy, Puri said it is business as usual for his bank and he is expecting his business to grow by around 25 per cent.
Is it any wonder that ICICI bank is trading at 12 times earnings and HDFC bank is at  22 times earnings- Lee

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