Mumbai November 2008: Terror, Tragedy, Talk

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A military style operation has been mounted against Mumbai and succeeded in terrorizing India.  The loss of life, destruction of property, and the apparent randomness of the acts has created a sense of terror across the country, especially the metros.

The terrorists came with explosives, grenades, AK-47's, MP6's, and unbelievable amount of protective and offensive military gear.  India's police force walks around with sticks and protruding bellies.  No training, no equipment, no motivation.  I could only stare in shock at the willingness of our police force to put themselves in harm's way with nothing but guts and ignorance.  A lot of these men lost their lives...they had no chance.

It fell to the army's elite commandos to tackle the situation and over a period of 60 hours to subdue the terrorists.  The commandos had to fly in from Delhi...there are  none posted in or around the financial capital.  Apparently, it is more important to protect our useless politicians than the heads of industry in Mumbai.

To watch live on TV as 20 trained terrorists with equipment, ammunition and explosives took Mumbai hostage and the utter helplessness of city and state law enforcement agencies was terrifying.  I realize now the enormous pressure on our armed forces;  they have to defend our borders and now inside the borders as well.  There is no security apparatus within the country at all.  NONE.

More than 195 people have lost their lives...from many countries, many walks of life...indiscriminately.  The Chairman of Yes Bank, a biology teacher, hotel staff including chefs, women and children, Rabbi's,  The Head of the Anti-terror squad, specialist anti-terrorism police officers...and on and on.  A tragedy which is mind-numbing in its randomness and scale.  People were shot while the terrorists laughed and joked.  Without provocation, without defiance...just for existing in that place at that time.

Patrolling the aftermath at Railway station with a Stick!  49 dead...Police force without equipment

Terrorist Armed to the teeth and with bag of ammunition? explosives?

No protective gear at all...against a terrorist group with military equipment...

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