Indian Economy: Reality bites...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There is ample confirmation that reality is starting to take a bite out India Inc....the sooner Realty companies come to grips with today's market conditions the better.  Which Realty company will not survive..or are all of them in good enough shape and needed for the future?  I am in the camp prognosticating that some will disappear....hopefully through a consolidation rather than a bankruptcy...

Does anyone know why Tata bought a piece of crap like Jaguar....well he does have the Midas touch...but this will need a miracle.
Here is a potpourri of news articles showing the breadth of Reality Bites:
DLF defers projects

Purvankara not starting new projects

India:  Outbound M&A on hold

FM asks companies:  Cut Prices

To give you a further illustration of current economic conditions here is an excellent article regarding GE (from Minyanville)....imagine what is happening and will happen to mediocre franchises and managements.

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