India Equities: Bear Trap in all its Glory

Monday, November 03, 2008

The stock markets continue to rise...through the Nifty 3000 level I had projected for this counter-rally ( Muhurrat rallcracker will fizzle out). I am back to the sidelines and 100% in cash:

  • sold my ONGC at Rs 705 (up 28% from the rs 550 purchase price)
  • sold my ICICI Bank at Rs 439 (up 33% from the Rs 330 purchase price)
While I continue to like energy as a long term hold, stocks rising 25 to 30% in a crisis environment reeks of caution being thrown to the headwinds. Instead, I threw my stocks to the headwinds and expect to catch them when they fall back.

The government, RBI, industry leaders are desperately calling for action to save the economy from problems in one sector after another. Investors are bottom fishing in this environment.

Remember, Equities as an asset class are like marathon runners; they win in the long run...In India, investors keep confusing the stock market with the 100 meter dash.

Live and Learn.

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