India Cricket: IPL out of India

Sunday, March 22, 2009

In a rude but deserved slap to the Congress-led UPA government, the BCCI today announced that the IPL tournament will be held in either South Africa or England..(South Africa is my bet).  The Congress controlled states Maharashtra and Andra Pradesh refused to give permission because of security concerns...laudable but laughable.

This Congress-led UPA has managed to bring this country to its knees; the richest cricket tournament in history cannot be held in India because of security concerns...this is unimaginable...and the people of India will deliver their verdict at the polls in April and May.  In a country where cricket is religion, the Congress-led UPA is in for carnage at the polls...

In 2010 India is the host country for the Commonwealth Games....this is an event where the number of athletes will be approximately 5000 compared to 200 for the IPL....would you consent to come to India given the debacle which we have just witnessed.

Expect a disaster for the Commonwealth Games of would not surprise me if that is also moved out of India as participating countries start voicing their concerns, starting NOW.

My personal view is that the Congress and its boys were holding out for a bigger share of the revenues from IPL...Sharad Pawar decided to show everybody who is BOSS...and he gets my vote.

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