Global Markets: Lies, and Damn Lies

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Internation Space Station with the limb of Earth as Backdrop. Breath-taking.  (Second brightest object in the Night-time sky after Moon).
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Market Comment:  I continue to own April Puts; strikes at Nifty 3000, 2800, 2600 and 2500....this rally is complete nonsense....but, I am not naked short because when there is malfeasance by official bodies, better to limit your risks....SO I OWN PUTS.

I am tired of being negative...but the continued disaster known as "official policy response" to the economic meltdown is reinforcing the negativity.

The G-20 is coming....yawn....a boondogle and a security risk for Officials..nothing more.

Citi and Bank of America etc...talked of higher profits this far...not so in March 2009...turns out Jan and Feb 2009 were better because of special payments by AIG under CDS time payments at tax payer expense...a big lie...traders and investors went for it.  US Banks Bait and Switch

There is the joke called the US Presidency; enough said. Krugman says the plans to solve the financial system crisis are so bad "he is filled with Despair".

 Articles to Read and Ponder while you own Puts, sit back and relax:

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US:  Plans perfect, no back-up Needed...Hahahahahah

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