US Banks vs US Economy: Predator vs Prey relationship

Monday, February 23, 2009

In mathematics, there is a second order differential equation which formally describes the predator-prey relationship.  Think of lions and impala's;  if the population of impala's falls too fast then there is not enough food for the lions and the lion population falls.  So, the lions have to be careful;  eat enough but do not gorge or your own survival is imperiled.

Of course, if the impala's suddenly figure out a way to hide from the lions this also imperils the lions.  In this case, the impala's will get fat and lazy over time and the lions more clever.  An equilibrium is always reached.

In the United States, the Banks have been feasting on the US economy ( consumers, savers and investors).  They have gorged and the US Economy is in peril.  But now, having the economy by the throat they refuse to let go.  And their cat cousins world-wide are following suit.

An equilibrium will be reached...who needs fat cats anyway.

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