Indian Government: Deny, Deny, then Lie

Friday, February 27, 2009

GDP printed at 5.3% for the latest apt epitaph to this bunch of clowns elected by the Indian people...from the heady days of BJP's "India Shining" the Congress led UPA has delivered the new slogan "India Sinking".

Everyone knows that the economy is in trouble...our Congress led UPA's first, second and third response was to deny there was any trouble.  Recall, the spendthrift housewife "Chidambram" claiming in October/November 2008 that the economy would grow by 9%.

Now, the Ministry of Finance is saying they are surprised that the economy slowed by more than expected.  Surprised (with a straight face), in this environment the only surprise should be on the upside...Clowns.  The Ministry is lying; they know better...they know the trouble...but if you do not admit the trouble, you cannot prescribe and administer the medicine.

Election politics at work...deny there is a problem..then you cannot have been the cause of what "does not" exist...when it is too hard to deny, then just lie.  But what platform is this administration going to use for the elections?  Disaster on the economy, disaster on security...and their only "friend" Obama is delivering the coup de grace.

I think they will have to just keep lying and hope the polity buys it...knowing India a little, the polity will buy it and deserve to be ruled by clowns.

Expect the next two GDP prints to have a 4% handle...

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Rajeev said...

I totally agree. I remember FM (chidambaram) making a statement that indian economy is decoupled from US economy and that was when sensex had already sunk to 10K. Now watch the FII $$ flight and watch with a sinking heart the every dipping rupee. And now the "new" FM is touting that trend will soon reverse? How?

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