Denial and Words: Neither is a solution

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A friend asked me what he should do given the "extreme" decline that has already occured in asset prices.  My advise was to take the cash and wait for opportunities...reasons:

  1. Everyone is expecting an upswing given the "extreme" decline
  2. US is telling people to stop being gloomy...I wouldn't be surprised if they start censoring bad news
  3. Instead of action there is still politics
  4. Instead of recognition there is still obfuscation
  5. Instead of analysis there are pre-determined answers
Every day in denial is like a day with untreated high blood pressure...takes a month out of your life.  Every mania is followed by a bust...Obama mania is hitting the ground with a thud...his re-cycled economic staff..well perhaps he was being environmentally conscious and did not want to just throw out the garbage.

All this hand wringing and obfuscation is creating the environment for a cascading financial event.  The storm is gaining momentum;  a catastrophic crash is imminent.  Obama teeny-boppers take note...and Indian supporters of this "communist" take note... protectionism is on its way...

Every country will be only for itself...of course, India in this environment will elect the "Congress"...and usher in another decade or two of abject failure.

Expect the Rupee to crash by 10 to 20%....

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