Pakistan: We will buy your Nukes

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

West should provide Pak with 100b dollar economic package

The WSJ report says that the 100 billion dollars should be 'administered by an independent authority and disbursed over 10 years, on condition that Pakistan remain a democratic and secular state (no military rulers; no Sharia law).'
Is the beginning of the end of Middle-East dominance of Pakistan?  While the elimination of Pakistan's nuclear weapons and capabilities is on everyone's mind given its record on proliferation and the armies of criminals running wild through the was the pointed reference to "NO Sharia Law" that I found notworthy.

Pakistan was founded as a secular state...however, as its dependence on mid-east money grew a natural tilt in the culture also occurred.  Even a minor shift back would be a massive boon to sub-continental politics and relations.

Stay tuned.

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