New Delhi: A True Story..terror of a different variety

Monday, December 15, 2008

I have to share this true story.

Kalpana received a phone call from a close friend..."Hi, where is you baby?"

"At home, with my maid/nanny, you know she is a very good nanny, extremely happy we have her". "Can you call at home and make sure all ok"...

Kalpana phones home and Nanny answers: "Hi ma'am...yes we are at home, all ok, baby is sleeping"

Kal calls friend back.."yes, they are home, baby is sleeping, all ok; so tell what is going on?"

Friend: "Do me a favor, call home again and ask the nanny to wake up the baby and make him cry/gurgle whatever on the phone; then I will explain"

Kal: calls home a little Nanny: "wake up the baby and bring him to the phone"..

Nanny:"ma'am i have something in the hand in the kitchen, will just call back in 5 minutes"

Kal: pit of her stomach drops..calls husband and heads one home!

Outside a few minutes later, the nanny is walking up with the baby...

So what is your guess..this is 2008, cosmopolitan New Delhi, a very well to do industrialist...what is happening.

It is beyond your wildest nightmare.

Kalpana's friend had been driving and saw beggars...mostly women and children and handicapped men beg in India...among the beggars she saw a baby, and it looked like Kal's baby! So she called Kalpana to confirm she was mistaken...
The nanny was "renting" out the baby to a begging gang during the day...her cut, 20% of the alms received...
Yes the "nanny" and others are now in jail...

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Anonymous said...

my god, is this a real story or what? for one we dont trust nanny's alone with the children at least not for long.

Lee said...

It is real. It happened to a friend of mine few weeks ago.

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