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Monday, December 01, 2008

I guess the former Finance Monster wants his job back. Home Minister on Economy

NEW DELHI: Home Minister P Chidambaram today expressed confidence that the economy would register a very satisfactory growth, although there may be a temporary slowdown.
"The Prime Minister can handle this Finance portfolio far better than anyone else and I am confident that the people of this country when they look back at five years of UPA rule will applaud its economic performance under the guidance of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh," he said. (Laughter not applause is more likley...Lee)

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Anonymous said...

I am sure any party would like to be in power when the economy is booming!! Read the Black Swan!

Lee said...

True Anon...but the UPA spent like drunks during the boom with no policy for the bust...the NDA helped create the boom...but notice the savings they generated and did not spend...There is a marked difference on economic policy and Security matters between UPA and NDA...At least we know there is a choice to make when we next VOTE.

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