India, Pakistan: War Rhetoric Growing

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mumbai was attacked by terrorists from Pakistan during a global economic meltdown.  While there was extraordinary pressure on Pakistan in the immediate days after the attack, the pressure has lessened considerably.  Now, India is accusing US and UK of not doing enough to bring Pakistan to heel.

The developed world administrations have their hands full trying to stave off a complete meltdown of their economies...extra-ordinary measures are being implemented by central banks and treasury departments while administrations try to prevent bankruptcies which may lead to millions more unemployed.  Time available for India's complaints is minimal.

India now feels there is no choice but to take on the security problems emanating from its neighbor unilaterally.  Unfortunately, this neighbor has nuclear weapons.  Pakistan is the first "irresponsible" Nuclear Weapons State the world is facing.

We must first and foremost acknowledge that one cannot win a war against a nuclear armed state..the victory would be pointless.  That is why Nuclear weapons are a "deterrent".

Then why is the developed world's behavior seemingly pushing us towards a military solution to the Pakistan terrorists problem?  I say this because:

  1. Bush, Rice, Obama, Brown, Merkel etc..all agree Pakistan is home of Mumbai attackers
  2. They also all agree India has right to defend itself with all its alternatives
  3. They also all agree that Pakistan is not doing enough to satisfy India that attacks will stop
  4. And, they all agree that Pakistan is not serious about bringing to justice the planners and financiers of Mumbai attacks
Sitting in India, I see the above attitude as one of nod, nod, wink, wink.
That is, India if you go into Pakistan and take out the terrorists (however, you choose to do so) we will not interfere.
The way out of the 1930's economic depression was the European war #2...sometimes called the second world war by the euro-centric.  There will be many conflicts arising from the current economic meltdown...any flash point could ignite a conflagration.

Economic calamities have led to wars in the past, on a recurring basis.  Let us not allow our regional conflict to escalate...during these recessionary/depression times too many have nothing to lose. 

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lvs said...

It looks like there is nothing we can do about pak. Lets stop focussing on them and improve our preparedness so that these Lashkar type guys can do whatever they want in Pakitan itself.

Lee said...

Sound advice...but if your neighbor uses these outfits to create havoc in your country, there must be more responsibility to act against the neighbor in some form...excluding military action, India should use every avenue to cripple the neighbor for bad behaviour and reward it for good behaviour. Our reactions have been inconsistent.

Anonymous said...

hey lee u stopped posting these days??? Looking forward to ur renewed posts.Keep them coming!!!

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