India Stocks: Creating the Investment Portfolio

Saturday, November 22, 2008

To continue the thread of my previous posts:

I have switched to 5% Bank Nifty, 15% Nifty, 80% cash and short 2600 Nifty November Calls at Rs 150.
You will recall, I was net long Nifty at 2374...I switched from Nifty to Bank Nifty as follows:
Bought Bank Nifty at 4100 and sold Nifty at 2585. My net portfolio looks as follows:

Long Nifty 15% at 2,303                            Closing Price : 2,693
Long Bank Nifty 5% at 4100                    Closing Price: 4,300
Short 2600 Nifty Nov Calls at Rs 150   Closing Price Rs 168

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