India: Problems Surfacing?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Financial Times is reporting: Telenor forced to rethink its move into India

This is potentially bad news for Unitech and the stock is off nearly 12% on the day. Ofcourse, the market is starting to come back to reality, off 5% on the day. The trap has been careful.

Although we should not take the glow off his achievement, Mr Obama's Marxist leanings has our IT sector in a tizzy. Amazingly, the group that Mr Obama is inadvertently targeting in India, the young and spend-thrift IT professionals were clamoring for his election and are cheering his victory in the streets.

I can only say to these short-sighted kids, you cannot afford idealism when you don't have a job. And rest assured, you are in the gun-sights...and you are cheering the guy who has his finger on the trigger.

Will India and Indians never get to elightened self-interest?

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Anonymous said...

So true !

The new World said...

lets see what happens with passage of time

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