India Politics: Where is the Goverment of India?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

 This is an old piece written as a commentary on the politics in seems appropriate to re-print it here since there is bound to be an increased "Risk-Premium" associated with India as a result of today's terror strike in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India.

Lalu Prasad Yadav, former Chief Minister of Bihar and now cabinet minister in charge of Railways, calls for the ban on SIMI to be lifted. A day later, SIMI leaders are arrested for killing hundreds of innocent men, women and children across the country by planting bombs in rush hour traffic and more bombs in cars that followed ambulances carrying injured to the hospital. Lalu makes no apology or comment and no one in leadership of any kind makes any comment.

Mirwaiz of Kashmir tell Sardesai of IBN during a panel discussion with two Jammu leaders that he will guarantee the safety of Yatris to Amarnath. Sardesai does not ask the Mirwaiz how he has got such control over the terrorists..neither does anyone else.

Shaban Azmi says Indian democracy is unfair to muslims forgetting the number of sucess stories of muslims are legion..she being a case in point..Show me a muslim society where a minority religious group thrives and can achieve the Presidency.

Advani, the head of the Opposition say the fight in Kashmir is between Nationalists and Separatists...Singh, the Prime minister pours fuel on the fire by saying in his August 15 address that we should not divide on the basis of religion.  But his party, the Congress, agreed to exactly that in 1947 when they Partitioned the country on the basis of religion.

Abdullah, a member of the governing UPA coalition says that we should formally start debating 'Azadi' for Kashmir. Government spokepersons say that territorial integrity of India is non-negotiable. No one from the governing Congress makes any comments of support or censure of Abdullah.

Jammu and Srinagar are both burning and rioting; however, the Home Minister is missing in comments, no appearances...the Home Minister is Shivraj Patil in case all of us had forgotten! Well, he did praise the Gujarat government for its handling of the post terrorist strikes situation in the state...this must have been a NO NO.

It seems that every member of this UPA coalition can publicly take any stand they want without comment or censure from the Government; do these coalition partners agree with the stand that is officially taken by the government in "the Supreme Court", "the Legislative Assembly", and in "the media" through official spokepersons?

So, my question is: Where is the Goverment of India?  Report Card on Government


Sharad Pawar, cabinet minister, has decided to check logic and intelligence at the door as he walks in for his speech. In search of minority (muslim) votes he says "if SIMI is a terror outfit..." why the "if" Mr are a member of the cabinet that insisted on labelling SIMI and your colleague the Law Minister took it to the Supreme court. Or do you not know what "if" means.

Mr Pawar continues the sentence with "...then Bajrang Dal is also a terrorist outfit". Well sir, why do you not go to the courts as you did when you labelled was your government that has appealed to the Supreme Court regarding SIMI..why are you mouthing off instead of acting through the judicial process. The Law minister, your colleague in cabinet, is silent on the matter. Don't you talk to each other?

Please do not embarrass yourself with this vote-bank politics which appeals to the least in us...there is no need for the equation unless you have completely lost your moral compass and ethical standards.  SIMI IS a terrorist outfit..your government has argued this with evidence and the Supreme Court has agreed. End of matter.

Bajrang Dal is an organization involved in many activities..should these prove to be criminal and further defined to be terrorist activites then prosecute the organization. However, do it in a manner that you would like the ordinary citizen to follow....organized, ethically, before the courts...not braying like a bloodhound in scent of a kill.

Do not equate two different organization because it is convenient...they stand on their own and should be judged independently based on their actions.

Please, Mr Minister, gather your logic and intelligence before you leave...

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Anonymous said...

I fully agree with you. Just to get some votes these politicians back anything or everything, these ppl are shameless and no moral values. & its shame on us that we keep on electing these kind of leaders again & again.

Lee said...

Yes, it does come back to the voting are right on.

Anonymous said...

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