India Equities: Managing Risk

Friday, November 21, 2008

Volatility continues in the mid-80's...I put in a price of Rs 70 to cover my Nifty 2600 short would mean Nifty was below 2500..the market went below 2500 and the trade was executed.

Then the market started up... I gave an order to sell Nifty 2600 calls at Rs. 150. Amazingly, that also was executed.

Absolute madness in markets....I am now long Nifty at (2436 - 62 (profit on calls) )=2374.
And I am short Nov Nifty 2600 calls at Rs 150.

This volatility has to come down...every order into the market seems to be getting executed, on the upside and downside.

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lvs said...

Well this is a nice dhaba!

So the nifty is going to tank further? Good calls

Lee said...

To IVS: Thanks for the feedback ..if you read my previous posts...fair value Nifty 2500 or so...expect months of up down hurry at all...Lee

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