Global Markets: Lemming behaviour

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Every time a different piece of equipment is attached to the patient in ICU, traders, like lemmings in heat rush like a herd and bet on the patient winning the next marathon.

And, of course, all lemmings perish by cliff diving over the precipice. Am I the only person fed up with the following headline every day:

Today, the Treasury announced.....or Today the Fed announced...
The markets in Europe took off like idiots in heat because the Treasury should know by now that a Treasury or Fed announcement is BAD NEWS.....not GOOD NEWS. You know it is a good game when you do not hear from or about the umpires. You know it is a bad game when only the umpires are in the news and the players are nowhere in sight.

The Fed or Treasury or both cannot make an economy....where are the players...can the media please find the players and let us know how they are and when will they play.

Till then...sayonara..boring to watch umpires gesticulating and blowing whistles.

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