G20: Confidence Building Measures

Thursday, October 09, 2008

This weekend the G-20 ministers of Finance will meet to chart a series of actions to i) avert any possibility of a financial meltdown and ii) minimize the downturn in economic growth.

They should all be given two hats with the following mandate:

When you wear hat number one, your role is to ensure you get the most and pay the least in mitigating this economic disaster.  Remember, all others at the table are your competitors so look out for number one.

When you wear hat number two, please remember that we are under economic and psychological attack from the planet Mars.  If this war is lost the human race will become a sub-species responding to the green-blooded Martians.

Without doubt, the actions proposed in hat number one when correlated with the actions proposed under hat number two will provide the right way forward.

This will not happen this weekend, even though it probably should.

Our problem is that all the principals have been compromised; we have no independent, trusted agencies left.  That's a thought, why not create such an agency say under the leadership of ...Paul Volcker or Bill Gates.  Actually, Gates sounds good;  he is young and looking around the world for places to do good.  How about right at home? 

He can't be bought and his friend Buffet would give him great advice.  What a great one-two punch.

This also will not happen during the weekend retreat.  A shame.

Gentlemen, this is no longer an issue of liquidity, solvency or just money.  It is about trust.  And all of you have lost that trust in the past few months...Find someone trusted to take the mantle while you go on about the tedious job of fixing things.

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