End of an Era?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The conservative revolution launched with the Presidency of Ronald Reagan has come to an end with a bang; the wrong kind of bang.

What started as a fight between good and evil, with good riding in on a white horse, has been replaced by the caricature of George Bush Jr. on the horse in search of the meaning of good and evil.

The end has resulted from poorly thought out foreign and domestic policies. And a leader whose arrogance will not permit him to look over his shoulder and realize there is no one following.

George Bush Jr strode into the White house eight years ago saying '...we had such high hopes for Bill Clinton and suffered such disappointment'. It will be said of George Bush jr. that never before has one man caused so much anguish and misery through his actions in foreign policy and inaction in domestic policy. The country that set an example has deteriorated into a country that makes examples.

Well, in all aspects a new low has been achieved by America. It is the end of the era: the meddle in others affairs and ignore home affairs 'Pax Americana'. The collective fury of the American people will bring the Republican party to its knees; there is a need to acknowledge failures, expiate and renew the promise.

In the meantime, the problems at home and abroad need tending and mending. And to show us their ability to do the unthinkable in a time of crisis, the electorate is pushing very hard and we can see the white horse coming up Pennsylvania avenue towards the inauguration stands.

And riding in on the white horse comes a Marxist. God help us all!

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